5 Favorite Montana Treasures

Gearing up to visit Whitefish, Montana? Here at the Lodge guests are are always asking where to find uniquely Montana items while visiting. We thought we’d share our guests 5 favorite Montana treasures with everyone!

Huckleberry Products-While you will see huckleberry candies and lotion all over the state of Montana there is one location that has it all: The Huckleberry Patch on the way to Glacier National Park. If you’re looking for huckleberry pie to bring for your picnic in the park (or ship home), huckleberry chocolates, wine or delicious smelling bath products they’ve got it! Also a great place for non-huckleberry Montana souvenirs—a true one stop shop!
Local’s Tip: If you visit the North Fork area of Glacier National Park you will want to stop in to the Polebridge Mercantile and indulge in a huckleberry bear claw! They are ‘to die for’!

Cowboy Boots-Not just for wranglers anymore; cowboy boots are a staple in any wardrobe! Visit S.M. Bradford Co. in Whitefish or Machallie G’s in Kalispell for the best selection of Western wear and boots in town. If you ask anyone from Montana they’ll tell you to pick up a pair of Old Gringo Boots; not only do they look great but they will last a lifetime too!

Yogo Sapphires-Yogo sapphires are named such as they are only found in the Yogo Gulch part of the Little Belt Mountains in Montana. Typically a cornflower blue color, but also found in deep purple, these gems are a true Montana treasure. Whitefish’s McGough & Co. has yogo sapphire jewelry for a genuinely Montanan keepsake or gift. For a large selection of unset stones visit Kehoe’s Agate Shop in Bigfork.

Native American Moccasins– Everyone wants a pair of these hand beaded pieces of art! For the best selection visit the Powderhorn Trading Company in Kalispell, MT. It is packed with hand crafted items from moccasins, purses, jewelry, gifts and striking artwork made from natural sources.  You will even leave knowing what Native American Tribe your new treasure was made by!

Buffalo Jerky-This tasty and lean jerky option is a favorite among locals and becoming popular worldwide! For the best buffalo jerky in town swing into the Montana Jerky Co. on the way to Glacier National Park. All products made from Montana free range buffalo. Montana Jerky Co. also has a great selection of beef jerky if you’re not so adventurous!

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