Glacier versus Yellowstone

So we often hear guests ask us, which park is better Glacier or Yellowstone?  An interesting topic this is, especially to those of us that live so close to Glacier National Park.  I guess I will start with telling you my opinion of what makes Glacier so spectacular and then let you decide.

Glacier Park is one of the last places in the continental United States to see a real glacier.  I know, that doesn’t sound that exciting, but what is exciting is the formations that glaciers leave behind.  Beautiful soaring peaks sculpted into sharp angles and steep rock faces.  Glaciers shave the rocks like nothing else can, leaving us with natural formations such as the weeping wall, a 300 foot wall that weeps water.

In addition, Glacier is the home to the huckleberry.  If you haven’t tried a huckleberry, it can be described as a cross between a blueberry and blackberry, somewhat sweeter and slightly more tart.  I have heard it said that a huckleberry has 20 times the antioxidants of a glass of apple juice.  What else loves the huckleberry?  Grizzly Bears.  The big brown bear sets Glacier apart, because you have a very strong chance of seeing a Grizzly in Glacier, just hopefully from your car.

So which park is better you ask?  I will leave that up to you to decide, and once you do, weigh in on your opinion at a website dedicated to deciding, once and for all, which park holds muster in the hearts of America. 

Cheers for now, see you on the trails in Glacier. 

Stacey Averill

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  1. Mike Shubic says:

    I saw two Grizzly and two Black bears while I was in Glacier this summer…one of the Grizzlies was even at the west entrance one day. It was quite exciting.

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