Winter Wonderland

It is said that a snow flake is made up of over 18,000 water molecules.  That is alot of molecules when you think about the amount of snow in Montana.  We  have a special type of snow here in Northwestern Montana called Cold SmokeCold Smoke is a very light dry snow that is special to Montana and parts of Colorado because of the low humidity in the air at the time the snow is formed.  This type of snow is almost dust like when you toss it into the air and does not make for good snow man building.  For those of you that have skied in lake effect areas, consider  Cold Smoke the opposite of the type of snow you ski when lake effect hits, the ‘leg breaker’ snow. 

Cold Smoke also makes for a phenomenon in the higher elevations which we call Snow Ghosts.  Snow Ghosts are when the pine trees are completely covered in snow so there isn’t a hint of green showing.

 Snow Ghost

These Snow Ghosts are every where you turn on Whitefish Mountain Resort and are a local favorite.  It is just one more unique item to a mountain that enjoys over 3,000 skiable acres and over 300 inches of snowfall.  Are we partial to our local mountain?  Why, yes we are.  On the very busiest day of the year, the lift lines are only minutes long, and with enough groomed and off pack to serve everyone’s needs, Whitefish Mountain Resort holds a special place in every local’s heart.  We welcome you to enjoy it with us.

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