The Lodge at Whitefish Lake is a family owned and operated boutique hotel in Northwest Montana, operated by the Averill family.  The Averills are a fourth generation Montana family that began with a dude ranch on the shore of Flathead Lake called the Flathead Lake Lodge, in Bigfork, Montana.  Flathead Lake Lodge was built in 1932 as a boy’s camp and acquired by Les Averill when he returned to Montana from the war in 1945.

Dan Averill, one of eight sons, assisted in the operation of the Flathead Lake Lodge, then broke away with his wife Laurie to start the first phase of the Lodge at Whitefish Lake in 1982, building three buildings of condominiums on the shore of Whitefish Lake.  He continued the legacy, with the help of his two sons, Sean and Brian, in 2005 when the new Lodge at Whitefish Lake was built.

Currently the Lodge at Whitefish Lake is operated by Sean and Brian Averill.  Sean handles real estate and real estate development.  Brian Averill handles resort operations and expansion.  Brian’s wife, Fabienne, handles marketing and public relations.  Basically this means that it is tough to get through the front doors of the Lodge at Whitefish Lake without running into at least one of the Averill family!

The Averill family is pleased to announce the completion of Phase 3 of the Lodge at Whitefish Lake, welcoming the new Viking Lodge into the operation.  The Viking Lodge is a day lodge overlooking the Viking Creek Preserve born out of the coordination of the Averill family and the Whitefish Lake Institute.  The Averill family donated over 30 acres of highly sensitive wetland area to the Whitefish Lake Institute to be held in perpetuity as a conservation easement, forever maintaining the water quality of Whitefish Lake.  This donation, valued at over $2 million dollars was touted as the largest hospitality conservation project in 2009, and is indicative of the Averill family’s commitment to the conservation of the very aspects that they have grown to love in Whitefish.

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